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Fort Lee,
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Fort Lee

Even though the borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey, is part of the New York City metroplex, home and business owners here still have problems with wildlife and other pests. Squirrels and mice damage properties, contaminate buildings, and transmit illness to people. Mosquitoes threaten our health with sicknesses such as the West Nile virus, several forms of encephalitis, and many other serious diseases. Bed bugs easily travel from place to place on unsuspecting hosts. Ants, cockroaches, termites, spotted lanternflies, mosquitos, and a whole host of other species of pests live in Fort Lee as well. Each of these pests all coming with tons of trouble for property owners to deal with.

The best way to help prevent these and other pests from invading your Fort Lee home or business is with a year-round pest protection plan from Viking Pest Control. For more than 40 years, Viking has been providing industry-leading pest control solutions that are eco-friendly to homes and businesses here in New Jersey. Plus, we specialize in natural and organic pest control solutions and utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies which help us to minimize the amount of product needed to control pests.

To learn more about our effective strategies for controlling pests in your Fort Lee home or business, simply contact us today.

Cockroach Control Available in Fort Lee, NJ

Unfortunately, cockroaches are a part of life here in Fort Lee. When these dangerous insects invade your home, they can spread pathogens wherever they walk. Cockroaches carry worms, protozoa, fungi, and viruses on their bodies that they can deposit on kitchen counters and in cabinets where they are searching for food. They are also known to carry more than 32 different strains of bacteria that they can transfer to people. It has been reported that some cockroaches that were tested after invading a hospital were carrying dozens of different strains of bacteria, all of which can easily be transferred to people! Plus, cockroaches can cause allergies and exacerbation of asthma in some people.

No matter how you look at it, it is never safe to have cockroaches living in your Bergen County home or business. The professionals here at Viking Pest Control understand how dangerous cockroaches are, and we understand how tricky it can be to eradicate them. The good news is when you partner with the trusted pest control team here at Viking, you will not need to worry about cockroaches any longer.

Our year-round pest control programs for Fort Lee homes and businesses will eliminate existing colonies of roaches in your home or business and will defend against future invading cockroaches.

To learn more about our safe, effective services for cockroaches, call the pest control experts at Viking today!

Avoiding Mice in Fort Lee, NJ

If you live in Fort Lee, New Jersey then you know that mice live here too and avoiding them is not as easy as you may think. Mice have grown accustomed to living near people where they can easily meet their basic needs of food, water, and shelter. They have discovered that finding food in your home or business is much easier than searching on the ‘streets,’ plus they do not have to worry about the predators that may threaten them when they are in the nice, warm, comfortable recesses of your home.

The trouble is that mice can carry and spread some harmful diseases to you and your family. Plus, they usually come laden with several dozen (or more) parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites, all of which can transmit illness to people. Mice also chew beams, pipes, insulation, personal belongings, wires, and many other things causing significant and costly damage. They can also spark a fire when they chew on live wires inside your wall voids.

However, no need to worry. Viking Pest Control’s year-round residential and commercial pest control plans are designed to help you successfully control mice on your property. When you choose a Home Protection Plan or our commercial pest control plans that we customize for your business, you can know that mice, and many other common pests, will be eliminated from your property, and new foraging pests will be prevented from invading. To learn more about the industry-leading rodent control options here at Viking Pest Control, contact us today!

Bed Bug Control in Fort Lee, NJ

Bed bugs have made a remarkable comeback here in the United States in the past decade. The dramatic increase in calls to our office for bed bug services over the past few years indicates that this trend is likely to continue. Fortunately, the bed bug experts here at Viking Pest Control have the tools and the technology to quickly identify bed bug infestations and safely eliminate them.

We offer a one-time service, proactive year-round prevention services, and the Protect-A-Bed mattress cover and box spring cover to ensure that all stages of bed bugs are eliminated from your home or business. When you live or work here in Fort Lee, you can be assured that you will eventually encounter bed bugs and when you do, Viking is here to answer the call with safe, expert, discreet solutions to help you eliminate bed bugs quickly and completely.

Want to know how to get rid of pests in Fort Lee, New Jersey? To learn more about our effective bed bug services, contact our pest management professionals today.

Problems Squirrels Cause in Fort Lee, NJ

We have all enjoyed watching a squirrel and its mate scampering around the yard or leaping from limb to limb through the tops of the trees. Who has not thought that they are simply adorable as they sit in the shade of a tree with hands clutched, nibbling on an acorn or two? But squirrels will suddenly lose their appeal when they invade your Fort Lee home or business.

These members of the rodent family will damage siding, insulation, pipes, wires, beams, and personal items with their habit of constantly chewing. They will contaminate nesting areas with droppings and urine that can contain harmful pathogens that can make you and your family sick, and they can become aggressive when they are trapped or when they feel threatened. When squirrels decide to invade your Fort Lee property, or worse, your Fort Lee home or business, be sure to contact the pros here at Viking.

Our wildlife control experts have the equipment and the experience to locate nesting sites and to safely remove squirrels from your property. By utilizing exclusion techniques, we can help you to eliminate areas that squirrels are gaining access into your home.

If you have a pest problem, you need a local exterminator to get the job done. Contact us today to see how we can help you remove the squirrels that are threatening your Fort Lee home or business!

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