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North Brunswick,
New Jersey

North Brunswick, New Jersey, was originally home to the Leni Lenape Native Americans who built their village within the cedar forest and the swampland beside the Raritan River. In 1772, settlers arriving from France and The Netherlands acquired the land and began establishing townships. February 21, 1798, marked the incorporation of North Brunswick Township. Today, it is known as one of the most diverse suburbs in New Jersey and is home to a mix of young families, business professionals, and retirees.

The town is located in the heart of Central New Jersey, in Middlesex County, and is easily accessible by highway from New York and Philadelphia. Despite the immense amount of through traffic, North Brunswick isn’t overly crowded. Residents have plenty of opportunities to get outside in nature. Numerous activities are available, from gathering together for sports and other community events in the 20 public parks and gardens, enjoying one of many walking trails, or relaxing with family and friends in a favorite picnic spot.

A side effect of natural resources like lush vegetation, trees, and water features like the nearby Lawrence Brook, means that many species of pests call the area home. When left unchallenged, they often find their way inside homes and businesses, where they can cause all kinds of damage.

The best protection against pests comes from experts who know and understand the area and the behavior patterns of the local bugs and rodents. Viking Pest Control has developed minimally invasive and sustainable services through decades of experience controlling pests in Middlesex country, so they know what is most effective to keep them away from your property.

North Brunswick Pests

Unwanted rodents and insects can cause damage to both the structure of your home or business and the surrounding vegetation. North Brunswick is home to a wide variety of pests that flourish in the area’s landscapes. The cycle of seasons changing from cold winters to hot and humid summers provides plenty of opportunities for pests to reproduce and build their numbers. Once colder weather sets in, rats, mice, and overwintering pests have a greater incentive to enter your property to escape the harsher temperatures and weather. Here are some of the most commonly found pests in North Brunswick:

If you notice or hear any signs indicating the presence of insects or rodents, or if you want to be cautious and proactive, it’s a good idea to schedule services with a professional exterminator like Viking Pest Control.

The Importance of Pest Prevention

The presence of rodents and insects inside your home or business is more than just a nuisance. They pose a real threat to your health and safety. Pests are known to carry diseases, which can pass on to you through direct or indirect contact. They also trigger allergies and reduce your overall comfort and quality of life.

A wide variety of pests can attempt to make your home their own in an effort to escape from predators or seek out shelter and food sources. They typically invade in groups and quickly reproduce. Once their numbers grow, the issue becomes more serious. Prevention is preferable to tackling the problem of an established population, so act now to discover what you can do to keep insects and rodents out of your home.

Viking Pest Control Solutions

For over 40 years, Viking Pest Control has provided North Brunswick and the surrounding areas with customized solutions to control infestations and prevent pest damage. Whatever your needs are, from a termite inspection to mosquito control to spotted lanternfly egg removal, Viking can help. We use the latest technology to provide a safe environment and solutions that get excellent results. Contact Viking Pest today to get your free, no-obligation estimate! Or, schedule your services online in moments!

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