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Union County Exterminators

Are you a business owner or homeowner in Union County NJ, and you need pest extermination services? Well, you can procure the extermination services offered by the Union County exterminators at Viking Pest Control. Viking offers the following services among many more; residential pest control, commercial pest control, mosquito & tick control, and termite control. We’ll now dig deeper into the services offered by Union County exterminators.

Residential Pest Control

As a homeowner, your house may be attacked by different pests, including termites. Since the pests pose a significant threat, they need to be exterminated as soon as possible. The Union County exterminators at Viking Pest Control are trained and ready to protect your home from pest pressures. Viking’s Home Protection Plans are designed to offer comprehensive pest prevention to keep your property pest-free year-round!

Commercial Pest Control

Are you a business owner, manager, or in charge of keeping your facility pest-free? Look no further! Your local Union County exterminators at Viking Pest Control are ready to assist you accordingly. Our team of certified pest professionals will design a pest prevention plan unique to your business and its specific needs and pest pressures. When it comes to businesses the dangers pest presence poses to your people, brand and reputation are too great to risk. When you partner with Viking Pest Control our team is committed to protecting your business from all pests.

Mosquito & Tick Control in Union County NJ

Mosquitoes and ticks can prove to be a menace to the safety of pets and humans alike. These insects have the capability to cause major health issues by spreading different ailments, including malaria. When it comes to protecting your property be proactive with Viking’s Yard Guard Mosquito and Tick Treatments. Yard Guard is offered April through September and is applied to your exterior shrubbery, plants, the lower parts of trees, under porches, and other areas of your properties where breeding grounds may be found. Yard Guard reduces mosquito and tick breeding sites helping to stop these blood-sucking insects from infesting your property.

Union County Termite Control Solutions

Termites are one of the most destructive insects for home and business owners alike. When it comes to termites the best way to keep your property safe is with preventative controls offered by the termite extermination experts at Viking Pest Control. Termites are capable of causing massive amounts of damage to the structure of your home or business and signs of an active termite infestation may easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The termite control professionals at Viking Pest Control recommend looking out for mud tubes around the foundation of your property, if mud tubes are present there is a good chance termites may also be present. If you notice signs of termite damage call your local termite experts at Viking Pest Control right away.

Ant Control for Your Union County Property

Ants can easily make their way into your home or business. Ants are one of the most common insects with over 12,000 identified species existing worldwide. Well know for attacking any left-out food, crumbs, or trash, ants are not a pest you want to have present at your home or business. When it comes to identifying ants the local ant extermination experts at Viking Pest Control explain that ants are small, six-legged insects with small bodies broken into three parts, a head, thorax, and abdomen. If you notice ants in your home or business, or are looking for proactive controls to keep your property ant-free, give your local ant control experts at Viking Pest Control a call. Our team of certified technicians are ready to keep your property protected!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Union County New Jersey

The mention of bed bugs alone is usually enough to make anyone cringe, these pests are not something you want to be associated with your home or business. Bed bugs usually feed on your blood, and they will make you feel uncomfortable as you sleep. They also transmit diseases. When a bed bug bites you, you will get an itchy feeling, and you may assume you are suffering from an allergic reaction. If you have issues with bed bugs in your home or business, feel free to get in touch with your local Union County exterminators at Viking Pest Control.

Mice and Rats in Union County

The most common rodents include mice and rats. They pose a significant threat to your commercial, or residential, property. They will get into your premises and look for food as they try to keep warm throughout winter. Mice and rats usually seek shelter in the basement and are nocturnal. When it comes to rodent control for your property Viking Pest Control offers expert service. With over 40 years of experience keeping homes and businesses rodent-free Viking is ready to protect your property!

Cockroach Control for Your Union County Property

Cockroaches are not a pest you want to have present in your Union County home or business. More than just a reputation buster and unsightly pest, cockroaches pose a health risk as they can negatively affect asthma and allergies. The cockroach extermination experts at Viking Pest Control advise that roaches need harborage, moisture, high temperatures, and food to survive. If you are able to successfully eliminate these conditions cockroaches will not be able to thrive in your home or business. The issue, especially when it comes to businesses, is that it can be extremely difficult to eliminate even one of these conditions. That’s where your local cockroach control experts at Viking Pest Control come in. With over 40 years of experience protecting homes and businesses from roaches, Viking is here to help!

Pest Prevention in Union County NJ

The Union County extermination experts at Viking Pest Control recommend the following measures to help deter pests from invading your home or business:

1. Store food items in enclosed and safe containers.
2. Remove any water and food on the premises.
3. Get rid of the clutter in areas where the pests are likely to hide.
4. Garbage should be disposed of in a tightly closed container.
5. Holes and cracks should be sealed to ensure pests will not have any entry points.

How Viking Pest Control Can Solve Your Pest Problems

From ants and rodents, to bed bugs, termites, and more, it is important to have preventative pest management in place at your home or business. Viking Pest Control’s experienced technicians are trained to provide our customers with efficient, effective service to keep homes and businesses protected against pest pressure. Contact your local Union County pest control experts at Viking Pest Control today to keep your property pest-free! Call 800-618-2847 or fill out our form online for your fast, free quote!

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