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Blue Bell, PA,

A Census-designated place within Montgomery County’s Whitpain Township, Blue Bell is one of the most prosperous communities in Pennsylvania. Named for the historic Blue Bell Inn, Blue Bell has a rich history and cultural life. While close to Philadelphia, Blue Bell still features a small-town feel. Despite its size, Blue Bell is home to a wide variety of shops, parks, country clubs, farmers’ markets, and seasonal activities. Unfortunately, much of what makes Blue Bell one of the best places to live for humans also makes it a desirable home for pests.


Getting fast relief from pest problems doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful for Blue Bell property owners. Thanks to the expertise of Viking Pest Control, you can get any local pest problem addressed quickly.


But better than that is the ongoing protection that pest experts can provide, and we offer pest control in Blue Bell that actually shields your property and reduces your risk of future pest problems. Contact Viking Pest Control today to learn how we can help you get and maintain a pest-free property.


Residential Pest Control In Blue Bell


Finding a pest control company you trust with the safety of your property and loved ones can feel daunting, especially in suburbs of big metro areas like Philly. But Blue Bell residents don’t have to look far to find a pest control company that’s locally based and capable of addressing all their pest concerns.


Here’s why so many homeowners turn to Viking Pest Control for home pest control in Blue Bell:


  • Award-Winning service: Viking has been recognized as one of the best pest control companies in the country by publications like Forbes Home, Better Homes & Gardens, The Spruce and Real Simple.
  • Free estimates: With a simple phone call detailing the size of your home and the pests you’re concerned about, we can provide a no-obligation estimate for our services, part of our mission of ongoing communication with our clients.
  • Inspection-based treatment: We always start with a thorough inspection of your property before crafting our treatment plan. We know that no two homes are identical, so we don’t just approach every residential job the same. Each customer receives a custom treatment plan.



A wide variety of pests are found in and around Blue Bell, PA. Some of the most common pests we regularly encounter include:


Viking offers a variety of home protection plans to eliminate your existing pest problems and to prevent them in the future.


For peace of mind and a neighborly approach to pest control, turn to Viking Pest Control today.


Commercial Pest Control In Blue Bell


Businesses in Blue Bell know that you survive or collapse based on your reputation. Tight-knit communities of locally owned stores need foot traffic and word of mouth to succeed, so commercial pest problems can be one of the most significant threats to your success. Not only can pests chew through your bottom line by doing damage to your property, forcing repairs and costly treatment methods, but the presence of pests can also make the things people say about your business turn from good to bad.


Partnering with award-winning commercial pest control company in Blue Bell is the best thing you can do to avoid pests and respond to them quickly enough to limit these problems. Luckily, Viking Pest Control is here to provide fast and effective response to Blue Bell businesses.


You can trust us with your local business because we are locally staffed and care about keeping our community pest-free. Contact us today to get a free estimate and get started on superior pest protection.


How Termites Get into Blue Bell Homes And What Attracts Them


There are many kinds of pests that can cause degrees of damage to local homes, but the one that every homeowner should be wary of the most is termites. No property is completely risk-free for a wood-eating termite infestation, given that so many of our structures are made of wood and our homes are surrounded by trees and soils where termites first form their colonies.


It’s important to know how termites invade local yards and homes, and what attracts them to tunnel close in the first place:


  • Cracks and holes: Termites creep inside walls through cracks or holes that naturally form around wooden exteriors and concrete foundations.
  • Wood sources: Not only can termites access our yards and structures through wood debris or plants found around a property, but they are drawn to the interiors of our homes because they are made of wood. This sad reality is why every homeowner needs proper termite protection.
  • Moisture: Not only can termites be drawn to moist wood, but water damage can open up new access points for them.


Partnering with experts for termite control in Blue Bell not only provides a fast response to existing termite problems but also provides protection against them in the first place. Getting regular inspections can clue you into these factors early, so you can get proven extermination methods before termites can cause destruction.


Contact Viking Pest Control to get started on termite control today.


Protect Your Blue Bell Home From Ticks


Ticks aren’t just pests you might encounter in the wilderness. They can invade yards and be carried back to your home without you realizing it, and ticks will flock to wherever there are people and animals to feed on. Ticks can be carried to your property by pets or people as they cling to hair, skin, and clothing. Once they’ve hitchhiked to a new area where they can easily access our skin for feeding, ticks can thrive and grow their populations very quickly. Not only does this open you up to tick bites, but it can even increase your risk of diseases.


This is why total prevention is so difficult when it comes to these parasitic pests. Even clean homes can wind up with them, and all yards have vegetation that ticks can cling to while they wait for a host to brush past. Whether you already have a tick problem or want to make sure they never invade your yard, you should turn to professionals for treatments and guidance to make your home as safe as possible.


To get tick control near you in Blue Bell, sign up for Viking’s Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Service.

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