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The town of Hazleton was first incorporated by the state legislature back in 1851. The population of the borough grew steadily until the 1880s, when waves of immigrants from Eastern European countries came to take the many jobs offered by a booming coal industry.

Hazleton began as a charter city on December 4, 1891, and quickly started growing in the early years of the 20th century. However, as the anthracite coal industry slowed and eventually disappeared, the population began to diminish in this once-booming Pennsylvania town.

The Greater Hazleton Area is in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains, a popular tourist destination. The area offers year-round recreation, and the Greater Hazleton Area is said to be one the best places to live and work. The people are friendly, and the quality of life excellent, with a low cost of living and high job growth rate. No wonder people are arriving from across the country to start new lives.

Hazleton has several lovely lakes nearby, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, and hunting. In the summer there are live events at Memorial Park. Furthermore, the city has many good restaurants as well as some interesting museums and theaters. Not to mention that many of Northeast Pennsylvania’s best attractions are located within minutes of Hazleton!

Early each Fall, breathtaking colors appear throughout the Pocono Mountains. Varying shades of yellow, orange, red, gold, and maroon grace the ever-changing landscape in this most beautiful season of the year.

If you head south from Hazleton, you’ll find some of Pennsylvania’s most important landmarks. Drive through the countryside a little further and there are still many folks who travel by horse-drawn buggies and make their own buildings from scratch. An hour’s drive on from that, you can visit the Gettysburg Battlefield and reflect on Abraham Lincoln’s brief but powerful address.

If you’re hungry for knowledge, try the extensive collection of museums in the area. There’s the Landis Valley Museum, a fascinating Pennsylvania German Heritage site. The Pennsylvania Railroad Museum boasts a wonderful display of steam locomotives and Pullman sleepers. In York, you’ll find the amazing Fire Museum which tells the story of firefighting during the last two-hundred years. There are lots of classic timepieces on display at the Watch & Clock Museum, and don’t forget to visit the range of Native American artifacts at the Indian Steps Museum.

Greater Hazleton is one of the most interesting and attractive areas in which you could choose to live or set up a business.

There are many plants and fauna in Hazleton, PA and the whole region has a diverse habitat of forests, wetlands, meadows, and valleys. Hazleton’s lush landscape makes it an attractive place for any family to live. Unfortunately, this pristine natural habitat also makes it an ideal breeding ground for pests like mice and ants. Viking Pest Control provides effective solutions to pest control problems in Hazleton. We exterminate pests and are committed to maintaining a healthy and pleasant environment for people and their beloved pets.

Viking’s Hazleton pest control service is designed to provide you with quick and thorough support in controlling pests that are attacking your property, as well as preventative measures to help ensure you never have a pest problem again.

Weather and Plants in Hazleton, PA Invite Pests

Hazleton, PA is known for its lush greenery but when the weather begins to get cold in winter, the lower temperatures send pests like cockroaches and rodents scurrying into nearby homes and businesses looking for warmer places to live indoors.

The temperate conditions of a Hazleton, PA spring or summer are conducive to infestation anyway, and the truth is that pests are a potential problem for residents and business owners in Hazleton, PA all year long. Keep your home and business pest free with Viking’s professional pest control services. The experts at Viking will use preventative measures, so you don’t have to worry about pests invading your property at any time of year.

The Pennsylvania pest control experts at Viking have an excellent list of the pests most found in Hazleton, PA:

Preventing Pests in Hazleton, PA

When deciding which pest control company to call, you should look for professionals with expert knowledge of the pests that plague homes and businesses in your area. A one-size-fits-all approach to pest control can never provide the excellent results you can get from a method that takes the local vegetation, pest activity, and your specific needs into consideration. The good news is that the experts at Viking Pest Control are some of the best available. They have four decades of experience working in this area with minimally invasive treatments, control, and prevention plans that get rid of pests fast.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in Hazleton, PA

Viking understand and appreciate that you have many options to choose from when you’re searching for pest control, and they work hard to earn your business. Whether you’re looking for an annual termite inspection or a safe insecticide treatment, Viking would love to discuss your needs with you.

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