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Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania, sits on the banks of the Susquehanna River. The city is renowned for its beauty and rich history, having played significant roles in the Westward expansion, the Industrial Revolution, and the Civil War.

The city is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Pennsylvania and it attracts many visitors, with the attractions of a big city and the charm of a small town. While here, you can shop for groceries at the Broad Street Market, visit the famous City Island, or the State Museum of Pennsylvania.

Besides the great adventures in Harrisburg, there are also great places to stay, with a variety of accommodations, including condos and apartments.

Did you know that the first suburb in the town was Allison Hill? Located in downtown Harrisburg, it grew rapidly around the 19th century. It neighbors other suburbs such as City Island, Downtown, Midtown, and South Harrisburg.

While living in any of Harrisburg’s neighborhoods, you should take measures to prevent a pest invasion in your lovely home. Although you can take preventive measures such as good home maintenance practices and proper sanitation, some pests could prove difficult to control or eliminate.

It’s a good idea to hire a skilled and experienced Harrisburg, PA exterminator to eliminate any breeding nests and the present pests. A professional will also save you time, money, and effort by ensuring that a pest problem doesn’t recur.

Health Risks of Having Pests in Your Home

Pests pose a severe and sometimes fatal risk of diseases and infections, and you should take all necessary measures to prevent an infestation. These are some of the health complications and problems that pests can cause.

  • Vector-borne DiseasesTicks, mosquitoes, and rodents can carry infectious diseases like rabies, Zika virus, and Lyme disease. Our pest treatments help ensure your home is free from pests like mosquitos and rodents to keep your family healthy.
  • Asthma and Allergies-Common household pests like cockroaches trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Professional pest extermination can help you avoid potential pest-related allergies.
  • Low Air Quality-Pest dander and droppings leave behind a strong, unpleasant odor, reducing your home’s indoor air quality. Air freshener products can counter these odors temporarily, but these odors generally exist because of problems that sprays and scented candles can only cover up. Eliminating pests such as mice from your home is the best way to ensure your home stays fresh and odor free.

How to Prepare for Professional Pest Control

Here are a few tips for how to keep your home safe and protected to prepare for pest treatment and to help prevent future infestations.

Note All the Potential Pest Locations

Make notes of all the corners in your property where you’ve seen pests crawl; these could include the presence of mice in the basement, trails inside or outside your home, or fleas in the dog’s kennel.

When the Harrisburg, PA exterminators arrive, go over the list to ensure specific areas receive special attention. You can also set gel baits before the exterminators arrive to capture some of the wandering pests.

Put Away Any Clutter

The more clutter you have in your space; the more hiding space

for the pests. And this clutter also provides extra surface area for pest treatments to land, possibly contaminating your home items.

Store away all your children’s toys, shoes, coats, or books to avoid potential problems.

Deep Clean the Floors

Remove dirt and food crumbs before the exercise begins for a more effective treatment, ensuring you clean all the hard-to-reach spots and crevices. Then, dispose of the vacuum bags and cleaning rags, and clean the non-disposable cleaning equipment to eliminate any lingering pest eggs.

Fix All Water Leaks

Besides food crumbs and warm, moist areas, water easily attracts pests to your home. Note all dripping faucets in sinks and tubs, behind the toilet or washing machine, or a leaky water supply line in your basement, as these could draw bugs and rodents.

And have them fixed to ensure the pest treatment is effective for extended periods.

Store Exposed Food and Cookware

Some pest treatments will remain airborne after the exercise and contaminate your food or cookware. Before you begin extermination in your Harrisburg, PA, home, store away any food, cookware, and utensils from the kitchen or dining countertop to ensure they remain free from contaminants.

Move the Large and Heavy Furniture

Large, stationary furniture, including sofas, fridges, bookcases, and office desks, are excellent hiding places for pests.

Move these items around and leave them a few feet from the wall to provide enough room for a thorough inspection and treatment. And also, shake out any cushions, and empty the cabinets.

Thorough preparation will ensure that our professional Viking Pest exterminators eliminate your pest problem while ensuring your family is safe and your items remain contaminant-free. It will also guarantee that you get value for every dollar you spend on your Harrisburg, PA, home.

Preventive Pest Control Measures You Can Take

Preventive pest control measures ensure your home remains free from pests and prevents recurrence. Here are a few tips to discourage rodents and pests from entering your home.

– Seal any cracks and holes leading to the outside; these include entry points for pipes and utilities.

– Trim away long tree branches and shrubs that extend too close to the house.

– Keep your attic, basement, and crawl spaces dry and well-ventilated.

– Store garbage and waste in sealed containers, and dispose of it regularly.

– Repair broken fascia and shingles, which may encourage some pests and insects to build nests.

– Repair loose mortar around the basement foundation and replace weather stripping around windows to seal all entry points.

– Store firewood about 20 feet away from your Harrisburg, PA house and about five inches off the ground.

– Call our professional exterminators once you notice the early signs of pest infestation, including pest droppings, chewed-off wood parts, wings, or shed skin.

Preventive pest control is the best approach to ensure you won’t have a costly infestation problem to deal with in the future.

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