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Whitemarsh Township,

Whitemarsh Township, PA, offers a serene residential environment, plenty of community green spaces, and the distinction of being well-represented on the National Register of Historic Places. Founded in 1683, Whitemarsh Township was also significant during the Revolutionary War for being the scene of an encampment for George Washington and thousands of American troops. Some of the buildings used by them are still standing today. Although we at Viking Pest Control realize that we’re fighting much smaller battles than George Washington, we like to believe that his inspiration lives on in the people of Whitemarsh Township. We strive to do our small part in upholding that legacy by doing the best possible job of keeping homes pest-free.

Here’s what you need to know about rodent and insect control in Whitemarsh Township.

Rodent Control in Whitemarsh Township

Residents of Whitemarsh Township already know that they’re fortunate when it comes to easily accessible natural beauty. However, the same things that make Cedar Grove Park and Dixon Meadow Preserve & Boardwalk attractive to local families also appeal to insects and rodents — and what these pests like even better is to gain access to home interiors, particularly when decreasing autumn temperatures begin to signal the end of easy summer living.

Home and business owners can hedge their bets against rodent infestations by ensuring that all possible exterior entryways are completely sealed up. This is far easier to say than do — because mice and rats have collapsible rib cages, they can squeeze themselves through tiny openings. Once they get inside, it’s very difficult to convince them that they need to return to outdoor life, and although mice and rats stop reproducing during winter when living in the wild, once they gain access to warm spaces, they keep right on breeding throughout the year.

Fortunately, our skilled technicians have plenty of experience with rodent control in Whitemarsh Township. Our multi-strategic approach involves eradicating current populations and then working with the homeowner to guard against future infestations by employing various preventive measures.

Insect Control in Whitemarsh Township

A wide range of insect species also appreciates everything this part of Pennsylvania offers. Although plenty of these species are perfectly happy to live their lives outdoors as they were intended to, a few types of insects have followed the lead of their rodent counterparts when seeking cozy indoor accommodations. Autumn is also a time when homeowners are more vulnerable to cockroach invasions because they seek to come indoors for the winter for the same reasons as rats and mice. Common ants typically seek indoor shelter during the rainy season, and flies are most prevalent during summer and fall. However, most insect pests have the potential to become a problem any time of the year.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are one of the few insects that live strictly indoors. Bed bugs can make your life miserable, and contrary to popular belief, they can affect businesses and homes. Getting rid of bed bugs is relatively easy as long as you catch the infestation in the initial stages, but treatment will become increasingly complex the longer you let it go. This is why it’s essential to contact Viking Pest Control when you first suspect that you may have a bed bug problem in your home or business.

Spotted Lanternfly Removal

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species from Asia that was recently discovered in Pennsylvania. This insect feeds on a wide variety of herbaceous plants and trees and has the potential to significantly damage over 70 plant species as well as spread disease. Viking Pest Control provides spotted lanternfly treatment and prevention to do our part to keep this pest from devastating our yards, fields, and forests.

Other common pests reported by our Pennsylvania Pest Control experts in Whitemarsh, PA, include:

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