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Lansdale, PA, is a densely populated commuter town that originated as a rural community until the arrival of the railways in the 1850s. The town itself was founded by the North Pennsylvania Railway Company to service the railway they built through the area, based on its location — trains could travel south to Philadelphia, west to Reading, and north to the towns of Allentown and Bethlehem. Its proximity to the large city of Philadelphia and picturesque rural areas make it a desirable place to live. The mild climate and warm summers are also great attractions. However, the humid summers tend to increase problems that might cause the need for the services of a Lansdale, PA, pest control expert.

Contactless Services From Your Lansdale PA Exterminator

The past couple of years have been very trying, and at Viking Pest Control, we understand that many people still wish to minimize social contact while eliminating their pest problems. Our contactless exterminator services can ensure that your home or business remains free of any unwanted invaders.

Common Pests in Lansdale, PA

In densely populated towns like Lansdale, many pests can thrive. Rats are a common problem around communal bins outside apartments and restaurants and can quickly spread into homes and businesses, carrying disease and causing damage as they go. Cockroaches also find it easy to travel between residences and commercial premises, and infestations can build up unnoticed.

Although many people consider them a rural problem, termites can be a problem in busy towns like Lansdale, too. Wherever wood can be found, whether, in structures or furniture, there is a potential for an infestation. Drywood termites, in particular, don’t need contact with soil and can form colonies in a wide variety of habitats. Finally, ants can be found almost anywhere and can spread disease when they arrive in your property through waste pipes or trash. Although these are the most common pests in homes and commercial premises in Lansdale, there are others you can learn about through the Viking Pest Control website.

Prevention is Better Than Elimination

By the time you notice a pest infestation in your home, it may have already been growing unseen for a while. For example, rats may breed in hidden areas of your garage or basement and will stay away from humans until there are so many that accidental sightings become unavoidable. Termites may be inside the wood, growing in numbers before you notice any damage, and cockroaches are good at staying out of sight until there are large numbers. To avoid a problem in the first place, there are a few measures you can put in place:

  • Keep all food in tightly sealed containers
  • Only purchase foodstuffs from reputable retailers
  • Avoid second-hand electrical goods — these can be a haven for cockroaches
  • Make sure areas around pipes and cables coming into your home are well sealed
  • Clean regularly
  • Keep trash in tightly sealed bins

If you need further advice on preventing specific pests from entering your home or business, you can always talk to a specialist at your local Lansdale, PA, exterminator company.

Talk to the Experts in Lansdale, PA, Pest Control

If you suspect you have a pest problem, it’s best to talk to someone who knows what pests there are in your area and has the skills, products, and knowledge to eliminate them. At Viking Pest Control, we understand the unique pest control solutions Pennsylvania residents need. Our pest control experts will discuss the best strategy with you to prevent infestations tailored to your property’s unique needs, whether it’s a home or place of business. Once the job is done, we will leave you equipped to prevent infestations and arrange future visits where necessary. So contact us today to arrange a free consultation and quote.

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