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Wynnewood is a Main Line township west of Philadelphia with historical roots stretching back to 1691. Residents enjoy a peaceful, residential environment with tree-lined streets, old stone homes, excellent school districts, and lots of community spirit. With a population of approximately 13,500 citizens, Wynnewood provides abundant small-town charm without sacrificing the access to urban amenities found nearby in Philly. Parks include Wynnewood Valley Park, South Ardmore Park, and Penne Wynne Park. Families and individuals are often seen out and about walking and riding bicycles in Wynnewood and enjoying the family-friendly downtown and community green spaces.

Award-Winning Pest Control in Wynnewood, PA

At Viking Pest Control, we know that no residence feels quite like home if it’s got pest problems, which is why we are doing our part to keep Wynnewood as pest-free as possible. Our local staff allows us to bring a high level of communal knowledge and expertise to the table — we know what household pests are most prevalent in Wynnewood when they’re most likely to be active, and perhaps most importantly, how to get rid of them. After all, we don’t want them in our own homes or those of our families, and we’re prepared to keep them out of yours as well.

Some of the features that make Winnewood such a desirable place to live for people also make it appealing to several species of household pests. Older, established homes, large trees, and abundant green spaces provide plenty of food and shelter for various insect and rodent pests. However, Pennsylvania winters can be cold and long, and pests tend to seek cozy indoor digs once seasonal temperatures begin to drop in autumn.

Rodent Control in Wynnewood, PA

Even though rodent pests can pose problems at any time of the year, fall is when they typically start scouting around for winter accommodations. The best way to ensure a rodent-free home environment is to prevent them from getting indoors in the first place. This means sealing up any possible entry point before curious rodents begin to try to make their way indoors for the winter. Keep in mind that the average rodent can wiggle its way through a hole as small as a dime, and once inside, they’re more than likely to stay there. Anticimex SMART Pest Control, available exclusively from Viking in Pennsylvania, can monitor possible openings and other danger areas  24/7 to track potential infestations and prevent them before they become problems.

Once mice get inside, it’s too late to seal them up — all you’re doing then is just making sure they stay in your home all winter. Nonetheless, treatments are available to get rid of rodents that have become established in your home.

Insect Control in Wynnewood, PA

Cockroaches are another opportunistic pest that takes advantage of tiny cracks and holes to get inside your home. Like rodents, cockroaches often choose autumn as the time to make their move, which makes it doubly important to take protective measures. However, insect pests aren’t confined to bad behavior just during the fall. As easy as it is for rodents to enter your home, it’s even easier for insects to worm their way inside. They’re so prolific in spring and summer that they often end up indoors without even trying, such as being blown in on the breeze through an open door or window or on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Fortunately, our skilled exterminators are trained in pest control strategies that work in every season.

Wynnewood homeowners should schedule a termite inspection once per year and learn to identify the signs of possible termite infestation so they can schedule service immediately. Keep in mind that even though termites are known for setting up shop in wooden structures, they can still infest homes made from materials such as brick and stone.


Some of the more frequent pests our technicians at Viking have reported in the Wynnewood PA, Pennsylvania area include:



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