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George Kutz bought 130 acres on June 16, 1755, but it wasn’t until 1779 that he laid out plans for the town that now bears his name. It was finally incorporated as a borough in 1815, making it the second-oldest borough in Berks County. The area was settled mostly by Germans settlers and they are honored by the Kutztown Folk Festival that has been held annually since 1950.

Kutztown is not a large place; the last census only registered 5,000 residents and encompasses only 1.7 square miles. However, if unwelcome critters have taken up residence in your Kutztown home or business, you need the top exterminator in Kutztown, PA to come to deal with them.

Common Pests in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, there are many pests that also love to call Kutztown home. Watch out in your yard for tunneling rodents like moles and voles. Mice and rats may also try to get inside your building to find a warm place to nest for the winter, explain the local Kutztown, PA exterminators at Viking Pest.

Biting insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and bed bugs can invade your space and pose a significant threat to your health. Local Kutztown, PA pest control experts warn that ticks are famed for transmitting the dreaded Lyme Disease and this is not a problem to be taken lightly.

Insects such as carpenter bees and termites can cause significant damage to anything made of wood as they burrow into it to create their nests, explain the pest control experts at Viking Pest. Putting off calling for an exterminator in Kutztown, PA only gives them more time to cause expensive damage to your property.

Moderate Climates Mean Year-Round Pest Activity

Residents in Kutztown enjoy a moderate climate, but it comes with a price. Kutztown, PA exterminators remind us that a mild climate means that pests can be active year-round, and residents must be vigilant.

Pest activity generally increases with the warmer temperatures in summer. This is the perfect time for breeding for most pests which will bring them out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, cooler temperatures in the winter can drive many types of pests into your home or business, searching for a warm place to ride out the winter, explain the extermination experts at Viking Pest.

What types of pests can you expect to see in Kutztown? Common pests found in Kutztown and all of Berks County include the following:

Controlling Pests in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

There are many things you can do to cut down on the arrival of pests to your Kutztown home or business. Pest management professionals at Viking Pest recommend keeping your yard trimmed and neat and avoiding leaving piles of trash or wood lying around can cut down on rodent activity. Treating any wooden structures can cut down on insects looking for softwood to burrow into. And since mosquitos need standing water to breed, treating birdbath water and other water features can cut down on the proliferation of these insects.

However, no matter what you do, pests may eventually infiltrate your home or business. That’s when it’s time to call in the pest control experts at Viking Pest Control. We use a comprehensive approach that focuses on determining the specific type of pest that has invaded and tailoring our treatments to those insects. We are committed to mitigating any damage to your health or the environment because you should not have to choose between those things and a pest-free home.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

With the professional exterminator services at Viking Pest, you can rest easy knowing your pest problems are controlled or prevented. Call 1-800-618-2847 today for your free, no-obligation estimate or schedule online!

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