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South Philadelphia,

If you love food, culture, or sports, you love living in South Philadelphia. Home of the great cheese steak rivalry between Pat’s and Geno’s, South Philadelphia is known for its irrepressible spirit and its diverse population. South Philly is also home to Lincoln Financial Field where the Philadelphia Eagles play and the Wells Fargo Center: home of the 76ers and the Flyers. In addition to its sports venues, South Philly is known for its Mummer Museum, the Magic Gardens, and the South 9th Street Italian Market.

Whether you live or work in South Philadelphia, you do what you can to keep your home or business in good shape. That requires you to keep safe from harmful and damaging pests. Viking Pest Control offers pest control in South Philadelphia that is designed to protect your property all year long. Our experienced professionals love helping our customers, and we are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable pest control services.

Residential Pest Control In South Philadelphia

Your South Philadelphia home is a place that you want to feel safe and comfortable for your family and friends. While many things contribute to that feeling, there are also a number of things that can detract from it. If pests get inside, they’ll likely make you feel like your house is uncomfortable, uncared for, and unsanitary. Thankfully, a pest infestation is not a foregone conclusion for South Philadelphia homes. If you take the time to make your home unattractive to pests and employ the services of Viking Pest Control, you can make sure that your house stays pest-free.

Viking Pest Control provides home pest control in South Philadelphia, using over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry to deliver the effective solutions you’re looking for. We are a business that prides itself on our community-mindedness and outstanding customer service. We will keep your South Philadelphia home pest-free.

Some of the more common pests we encounter in South Philly include:

Commercial Pest Control In South Philadelphia

The last thing your South Philadelphia business needs is pests getting into your building or even making themselves comfortable around the exterior of your property. Not only does a pest infestation give your business a bad reputation, but it also causes other serious repercussions. Pests are destructive, they spread diseases, and they cost business owners a lot of money in pest control, property repairs, and lost revenue.

Commercial pest control in South Philadelphia should be something every business has done on a routine basis. Viking Pest Control provides customized commercial pest control programs that are designed around the pest control needs of your business. From rodents to cockroaches and ants to termites, we will take care of any and all of your commercial pest problems. Our highly trained pest management professionals use Integrated Pest Management practices to deliver long-term solutions, and our treatments come with a pest-free guarantee.


Five Tips To Avoid Wasp Stings In South Philadelphia

Wasps are common pests to see during South Philadelphia springs and summers, and they remain active through much of the fall as well. While seeing one or two while out and about is usually not an issue, when these stinging insects decide to nest on your property, they can become more than just a nuisance. Wasps are known for their painful stings, and in some cases, those stings can be deadly. Knowing what to do to avoid wasp stings around your South Philadelphia home can help you protect your family.

  1. Avoid wearing perfumes or scented lotions. Wasps are attracted to sweet odors, so you won’t be as attractive to them if you don’t wear these scents.
  2. Don’t wear brightly-colored clothing. Wasps are pollinators, so they are naturally attracted to the bright colors of flowers. If you wear clothing that mimics flower colors, they might mistake you for a flower and come closer to you than they otherwise would.
  3. Keep your garbage bins stored a safe distance away from the areas where you spend time outdoors, and remove as many food sources as possible. Wasps build their hives where they have a readily available food source. They like sweets and proteins, so removing garbage, fruit, and other food items outside can help you keep wasps away.
  4. Take care of moisture issues around your property. Wasps need water to survive, so eliminating areas of standing water, fixing leaky spigots, and ensuring proper drainage around your house can help you keep wasps away.
  5. Get wasp control in South Philadelphia from Viking Pest Control. We can help eliminate your wasp problem.

The only way to get rid of wasps around your property is to remove their nest. Viking Pest Control offers safe wasp removal services to protect your family from wasp stings.

Your Solution For Termite Activity In South Philadelphia

A lot of people think that places that have cold winters, like South Philadelphia, don’t have to worry about termites. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Termites are active in every state except Alaska, and if they are outdoors, they survive a cold winter by going below the frost line. Once inside a South Philadelphia home, they can remain active all year long, eating away at the wood inside your house 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Termite control near you is a necessity if you want to avoid the damage to your home that termites can do, often without your knowledge. Viking Pest Control provides a variety of termite control methods so that you can choose the type of service that works best for your home. We provide liquid and baiting treatments, as well as service plans that warranty your home against termites in the future.

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