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Upper Darby,

Upper Darby

Upper Darby, PA is more than just a nice, affordable place to live and work. It’s also steeped in timeless historical appeal and offers terrific access to enjoyable attractions, including cozy pubs and lush, green parks. Winters are usually chilly but mild, while summers are balmy and full of sunshine, offering residents a chance to experience all four seasons without too many extremes.

However, the same beautiful weather and ideal living conditions that make Upper Darby a nice place for humans also make it appealing to various pests. Having a reliable Upper Darby pest control solution to fall back on is essential, and Viking Pest Control has you covered.

What Pests Are Most Common in Upper Darby, PA?

In Upper Darby, mild weather conditions and abundant sunshine mean lots of pests that thrive under such conditions. These include familiar examples like mosquitoes, fleas, ants, ticks, and other uninvited backyard guests. Temperature drops in the colder months also frequently mean common home invaders like mice, rats, and other wildlife throughout the fall and winter.

Viking specializes in premium pest control in Upper Darby PA that’s as safe as it is effective against common local pests like the following:

Dealing with a super specific pest issue and aren’t sure whether Viking Pest can help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Viking rep for assistance. Our extermination team is fully trained to handle a full roster of pest problems common to the Upper Darby area.

Why Make Viking Your Go-To Upper Darby Exterminator of Choice

Upper Darby is home to plenty of different pest control companies, but Viking is in a class by itself.  Here’s a closer look at why we’re one of the most widely trusted exterminators in and near where you live.

Family-safe pest control techniques

If you’re like most Pennsylvanians, you’re eager to get rid of pests but concerned about how to do so without harming your loved ones and pets in the process. Viking is right there with you, which is why we utilize cutting-edge techniques and products that eliminate and prevent pests without putting your health at risk. These include non-toxic yard treatments, SMART Anticimex rodent control solutions, and more.

Fully personalized treatment plans

No two Upper Darby homes or businesses are ever the same, so no two pest control strategies should be, either. At Viking, we don’t fall back on blanket treatments or one-size-fits-all approaches. Every project starts with an in-person visit from a Viking pest professional, a thorough inspection, and a comprehensive treatment program designed with your unique property and needs in mind.

Unparalleled local knowledge

Effective Upper Darby pest control is about more than using the right products and the latest techniques. It’s also about truly knowing the area, being familiar with common local structure types, and understanding how local pests operate there. Viking Pest knows Upper Darby as well as you do and has the know-how it takes to stop pests in their tracks.

Ready to step into the pest-free future your beautiful Upper Darby property deserves? Get in touch with us at Viking Pest today, and let us know how we can help.

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