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Norristown residents live in an area that was once owned by statesman Isaac Norris and fur trader William Trent in 1704. The cost of what Trent and Norris paid for Norristown acreage at that time–a whopping 50 cents–is amusing today, considering one acre of land in Norristown now goes for $200,000! The 1940 edition of Pennsylvania: A Guide to the Keystone State states that Norris bought Trent’s share of acres and later built a gristmill at the end of Water Street.

Norristown became the county seat of Montgomery County in 1874. The town was later incorporated as a borough 38 years later. Following the Civil War’s end, Norristown’s population mushroomed from 500 to over 20,000, fueled by the introduction of the Industrial Age and the development of manufacturing plants. Norristown remained the most populated independent borough in Pennsylvania until after World War II when massive malls and industrial parks throughout southeastern PA attracted Norristown residents searching for better jobs and the benefits of living in suburbia.

According to the Koppen climate classification scale, Norristown is a humid subtropical climate zone with humid, hot summers and mild, cool winters. Unfortunately, this type of climate is ideal for insects and rodents to live and proliferate. With an average high of 85 degrees F. during the summer and an average low of 25 to 30 degrees F. during the summer, it’s no wonder that customers depend on leading Norristown PA exterminator Viking Pest Control to get rid of home and yard pests and rodents all year round.

Norristown, PA Summertime Pests: From Insects to Rodents

Common indoor and outdoor pests that infest Norristown home and business properties include:

When you schedule an appointment for Norristown, PA pest control with Viking, we will arrive on time and begin evaluating the infestation. After identifying what kind of insects have invaded your home or business, we’ll apply a treatment product formulated specifically to eradicate a bug infestation as quickly as possible.

Rodent Pests in Norristown, PA

We get frequent calls in summer and winter about mice, rats, voles, and groundhogs living rent-free in and around homes and commercial buildings. Voles and mice are omnivorous and insatiable, remaining active, searching for food, and building nests during Norristown’s coldest and hottest months. Mice will damage the inside and outside of a building, while voles destroy yards by making underground tunnels and eating plant roots. When food is scarce in winter, voles may begin eating the bark off the bottom of trees.

Getting rid of Norway rats for our Norristown and surrounding area customers is another Viking Pest Control specialty. In fact, many of the most urgent requests we receive about pest infestations involve rats–and, of course, cockroaches.

Norway rats (as well as other rat species) inhabit any place offering shelter and resources–in sewers, under buildings, around landfills, and along creeks. Up to 18 inches in length and weighing slightly over a pound, Norway rats can hear sounds and smell odors you might not be able to smell or hear, which helps them survive in the harshest environments. They’re nocturnal, they’re aggressive, and they are known to kill chickens, birds, and snakes with one bite. If you think you’ve got a Norway rat infestation, don’t try to remove them with DIY methods. Call Norristown, PA, exterminator Viking Pest Control and let us do the dirty, dangerous work for you.

An award-winning pest control company servicing Norristown, PA, and surrounding areas, Viking Pest Control, offers sustainable, effective treatments for ridding your home or business of rodent and insect pests. Call today for information about our services and methods for eliminating pests.

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