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Pittston City is on the eastern bank of the Susquehanna River and on the south side of the Lackawanna River, roughly midway between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. The city was first surveyed in 1768 by the Susquehanna Land Company of Connecticut as one of five townships that the Susquehanna Company planned to establish.

The City of Pittstown was named in honor of William Pitt the Elder, the famous British statesman.

Pittston is among the most important locations in Pennsylvania. In 1770, coal was discovered in this area and that attracted a large influx of miners and others. Prior to the growth of the railroads, canals were the only way to transport coal across the country. The “anthracite canals” in Pennsylvania were designed specifically for coal and helped to fuel trades like steel manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution. Over time, mining and transporting coal grew to be the biggest sector-specific exports for Pittston. In 1853, Pittston’s wealthiest businessmen petitioned to have it separated from Pittston Township. The petition was made to John Hosie, the Mayor of Pittsburgh, and in just a few months it had been approved.

In addition to coal mining, Pittston was home to many industries in the 19th and 20th centuries, such as metals, plastics, paper products, apparel, and electrical equipment. In 1864, the Pittston Stove Company was established, and for years it manufactured wood and coal-burning stoves which were used for heating and cooking.

The famous Pittston Brewing Co. brewed Glennon’s Beer and maintained operations in Pittston from 1873-1948. Evan Jones Stoneware made pottery in the 1870s and 1880s that was labeled as Pittston at the time.

Although coal mining was the prevalent industry, the area was never entirely dependent on anthracite and in the 19th and 20th centuries it became home to many different businesses. During a fifty-year span from the 1930s until the 1980s, Pittston City emerged as a hub of clothing manufacture.

When Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal industry began to decline and manufacturing jobs became scarce, people started to move away, and the population diminished. Since then, things have changed, and some local renewal schemes got underway in the 1990s. In 2013, Pittston City officials embarked on a stunning $9 million residential project on Kennedy Boulevard. Known as “River’s Edge,” the building was the first major project of this type in the city for many years.

Public art is another area that Pittston has focused on in its revitalization efforts. From decorated fire hydrants and striking wall murals to rather quirky street signs and sculptures, Pittston is becoming something of an art destination for the northeast.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go in the city, Pittston has a wealth of lovely parks and recreational areas. Of note is the beautiful Riverfront Park situated on the banks of the Susquehanna River. This lovely local facility has an excellent hiking and running trail, as well as lots of lovely artwork and benches along the river.

Lots of visitors to Pittston plan their trip for the fall. That’s when Pennsylvania’s gorgeous natural landscape starts to display its stunning array of gold, red, yellow, and purple hues.

Unfortunately, the lush greenery that provides such a pleasant view for Pittston residents can also attract all sorts of harmful pests. Indeed, pests are a very common problem in many Pittston, PA homes and businesses. Fortunately, professional pest control services can help rid your property of these pests before an infestation gets worse.

Pests can be difficult to deal with, so they need to be controlled by a Pittston, PA specialist. Viking Pest Control is the name to trust. Viking has over 40 years’ experience’ of working in Pennsylvania and can help with both residential & commercial pest control.

Weather and Plants in Pittston, PA Invite Pests

Pittston, Pennsylvania has a temperate climate that is conducive for year-round growth and activity. However, this kind of climate can promote an environment in which pests flourish. For pest management services, you need to contact a professional company like Viking Pest Control in Pittston, PA.

No one wants these horrible pests in their home, but sometimes they find their way in. Viking Pest Control is a local pest control company offering the best exterminator services in Pittston, PA. Don’t be caught out by those pesky pests, whatever the time of year. Invest in Viking’s professional preventative pest control services, so you and your family can sleep easy.

The Pennsylvania pest control experts at Viking Pest have a list of pests that are commonly found in Pittston, PA:

Preventing Pests in Pittston, PA

The team at Viking is here to help you. As a full-service pest control company in Pennsylvania, they offer a comprehensive range of effective services that will get rid of the pests that are plaguing your home and ruining your family’s quality of life. Whether you have a small problem with ants or termites, or an infestation of rats that needs to be dealt with, Viking Pest is up for the challenge. The trusted team at Viking take pride in their work and use effective, environmentally friendly products.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in Pittston, PA

The Viking Pest Control team offers guaranteed results because they understand that the only way to keep your family and business safe is through advanced, proven methods that give you complete peace of mind.

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