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Originally known as Hickory Town, Lancaster, PA is one of the oldest inland towns in the U.S. With over 59,000 residents, this city is home to some of the most popular industries activities, including tourism, health care, manufacturing, public administration, and professional services. The city covers 7.4 square miles with famous landmarks and tourist attractions such as the Fulton Opera House, Sight & Sound Theatre, and Wheatland, the estate of James Buchanan, the 15th president of the U.S.

With such historical attractions, it’s hard to imagine that the water bodies and city parks can be home to some of the most nuisance pests. Bed bugs, flies, stink bugs, ants, and rodents are among the most common pests in Lancaster, PA. However, if they find their way into Lancaster County homes and businesses, it may be time to seek professional pest control assistance. Viking Pest, with more than 40 years working in the area, will not only help eliminate these pests from your business or residence but also get to the root of the problem so the pests don’t return.

Contactless Exterminator and Pest Control Service

During these unprecedented times, Viking Pest is committed to keeping homes and businesses throughout NJ, PA, DE, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland healthy, safe, and pest-free. Viking Pest is open and providing contactless, exterior pest control services to keep invaders out of your home or business.

Weather and Plants in Cecil County Attract Pests

Lancaster, PA is known for its hot or very warm summers or simply a humid subtropical climate. Pests are more likely to stay in hiding during cold seasons and may find their way into your home or business when searching for food and warmth. Lancaster is home to a number of places filled with wildflowers, such as Columbine, Virginia bluebells, Primula, and more. While these plants make the surrounding areas beautiful, they could also attract spotted lanternflies, which can damage the plants while leaving behind sticky honeydew, explain local Lancaster, PA pest control experts at Viking Pest. Your home or office building gardens also may unintentionally invite unwanted pests inside, such as ants, mice, spiders, and other pests.

The local Lancaster County pest control experts at Viking Pest have a list of pests that you could find in Lancaster, PA, and it includes but isn’t limited to:

Controlling Pests in Lancaster County

Sometimes it’s hard to notice hidden access points where termites, wasps, rodents, bees, and other pests can enter homes and business and eventually thrive. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, it’s important to seek professional pest control services in Lancaster County to prevent your premises from these invasive pests. Effective pest control experts understand that every infestation should be treated differently and that proper pest extermination requires a unique approach, based on the particular pest that’s invading a Lancaster, PA residence or business. Viking Pest exterminators have four decades of experience in the area, and they use a custom approach to come up with effective measures to get rid of pests in Lancaster, PA and provide long-term treatment plans to ensure they don’t come back.

Let Viking Pest Help With Pest Control in Lancaster, PA

Viking Pest offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests from invading your home or business in Lancaster, PA. Call Viking today for your FREE and NO OBLIGATION estimate at 1-800-618-2847 or schedule online today!

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