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Wilkes-Barre is a city in Pennsylvania with a very rich history. It can be traced back to the time of the Native Americans when it was called “Nescopeck”. The city’s name was changed to Wilkes-Barre in 1807.

Until 1866, Wilkes-Barre was just a small borough. However, things changed dramatically with the discovery of anthracite coal veins nearby. Anthracite coal is a type of coal that burns cleanly and has a high energy potential, so it’s not surprising that its discovery led to an influx of people coming to work in the mines. Of course, the miners all needed somewhere to live, so they started building homes on the hillsides and land around them.

Manufacturing also had a massive impact on the development of Wilkes-Barre and the success of the city was largely due to the development of that sector. Industry was a key aspect of the economy, and the city was home to some large coal, steel, and rail corporations. Their presence brought economic prosperity but also enormous social and cultural changes.

The area now known as “Downtown” is in the southern part of the city. It is bounded by North St, River St, Wilkes-Barre Blvd, and South St. A lot of Wilkes-Barre’s important buildings and landmarks are here—like City Hall, the Kramer House Office Building, and The National Theatre.

Throughout the city’s history, this area has remained a hub for all of Wilkes-Barre. During the boom, it accommodated the headquarters of more than 100 national corporations. To this day, Downtown Wilkes-Barre is a still bustling business center. Countless companies and residents call it home, from NEPA headquarters for Verizon to Citizen’s Bank. It houses Blue Cross, PNC Bank, Luzerne National Bank, Guard Insurance and more. In fact, some 40,000 people work or reside here every day.

In more recent times, Wilkes-Barre has also become a visitor destination, one that relies on its lovely natural landscape and history to attract tourists.

There are lots of great places to visit in the area. Kirby Park is one of the region’s most valued leisure resources. The park was a gift from the Kirby Family to the city of Wilkes-Barre and it welcomes many thousands of visitors each year. Kirby Park extends to more than 100 acres and offers a variety of outdoor activities. One of the most popular town events is the Cherry Blossom Festival, a local tradition that has been celebrated for over a century. The festival is held annually during the last weekend of April to coincide with the natural bloom period of cherry trees in Japan.

There are lots of amenities for Wilkes-Barre residents and visitors to enjoy. There are tennis courts, a fitness trail, ponds, walking paths, running tracks and more. Being surrounded by so much parkland provides ample opportunities for the residents to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the conditions that allow the flora and fauna to flourish in Luzerne County also provide ample opportunities for pests to thrive.

Pests move fast and can quickly infest your Wilkes-Barre property, creating an unpleasant and unsafe environment for all concerned. Fortunately, Viking Pest Control can help to protect your home or business from any kind of pest infestation.

Every pest problem is different and there are many factors to consider when determining the best course of action for your pest control needs. Viking’s Pest Control team will carefully consider the structure and age of your property, who lives there, and the specific type of pests you’re dealing with.

Having been in the business for over 40 years, they are one of the best pest control services in Pennsylvania and know exactly what to do to remedy your problem.

Weather and Plants in Wilkes-Barre, PA Invite Pests

With an abundance of natural resources and moderate weather, Wilkes-Barre is a fantastic place to live. But this can work against you in winter when pests are looking for shelter and decide to head inside your home or business, explain Viking’s certified Pennsylvania Exterminators.

When the cold weather arrives, cockroaches, rodents and other pests start looking for a place to live to help them survive the winter. The risk to your home or business is that these pests will choose your property.

Sadly, pests are not only an issue in winter. They thrive during the spring and summer months too. In fact, pests can cause problems all year long for Wilkes-Barre and other Luzerne County residents.

If you’ve had problems with pests in or around your home or business, call Viking Pest to do a full inspection. As an expert pest control company, Viking can offer effective pest prevention and solution services for all Wilkes-Barre, PA homes and businesses.

The Pennsylvania pest control experts at Viking Pest have an excellent list of the most common pests in Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Preventing Pests in Wilkes-Barre, PA

If you need trusted local pest control in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area, call Viking Pest. Their many years of experience mean that they have the tools and knowledge to deal with any kind of infestation fast and efficiently. The treatments Viking Pest Control uses are minimally invasive, and the team perfectly understands the effects of the local weather and conditions on the infestation and treatment results.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Viking Pest is here to help you keep pests from invading your home or business with fast, effective treatments tailored to each customer in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

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