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Northeast Philadelphia,

Northeast Philadelphia

Northeast Philadelphia provides a variety of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Known for being one of the most diverse parts of the City, Northeast Philadelphia is home to one of the widest varieties of international foods in the country both in restaurants and markets. It is also among the city’s most desirable residential areas and shopping locales, as it is the home of the Philadelphia Mills and Roosevelt Malls. Additionally, Northeast Philly is home to numerous parks and recreational areas including Bowling Allies and the Flyers Skate Zone. Living or working in Northeast Philadelphia, whether you have settled in Lower Northeast or Far Northeast, presents its own unique benefits and challenges.

One of the challenges is keeping pests off your property. There is no shortage of pests in Northeast Philadelphia, and knowing how to keep your property pest-free is essential if you want to protect your home or business and all of the people who spend time there. Pest control in Northeast Philadelphia is available from Viking Pest Control. Our expert team has over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry. We offer fast and effective services to keep your home or business pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Northeast Philadelphia

When pests threaten your Northeast Philadelphia home, there are several actions you can take. The first is to do nothing. Many people find pests in their house, think it’s a fluke, and hope that if they ignore the pests, they’ll go away on their own. Another course of action is to try to take care of the problem on your own. Over-the-counter insecticides and DIY treatment methods abound, and it’s tempting to try to save some money by doing it yourself. The other course of action is to get the help of a professional pest control company to solve your pest problems.

The first course of action is not a wise one to take. Although you don’t need to panic if you find a pest or two in your house, seeing them on a regular basis can indicate a problem that will only grow with time.

The second course of action may temporarily lessen your pest problems, but many DIY methods do not fully eliminate pest problems. Furthermore, using insecticides without the proper training can be dangerous for your family.

The best thing you can do if you find pests in your house is to get home pest control in Northeast Philadelphia from a professional pest control company like Viking Pest. Viking’s services are designed to safely and effectively solve your pest problems and protect your home and family from the problems pests cause.

Some of the most common pests our Northeast Philly pest control experts encounter most are:

Viking offers a variety of home protection plans to eliminate your existing pest problems and to prevent them in the future.

Commercial Pest Control In Northeast Philadelphia

Running a business is hard work. Just keeping your facility in good shape can feel like a full-time job, especially in a place like Northeast Philadelphia, where we experience ever-changing seasons that can put a lot of wear and tear on our properties.

With each changing season comes a new batch of pests that will try to get into your commercial facility. From ants in the summer to rodents in the winter, your business is never safe from a pest infestation unless you have routine commercial pest control in Northeast Philadelphia that is designed to protect your property in the long term. Viking Pest Control provides those services. Using Integrated Pest Management practices, we’ll tailor a service program for your business that takes care of any active pests and prevents new pests before they get inside.

Five Tips To Keep Your Northeast Philadelphia Yard Free Of Ticks

Ticks seem to be a problem that becomes worse and worse with each passing year. Avoiding these biting pests is essential because of the dangerous diseases they can spread, but it can feel like a losing battle. Keeping ticks off your Northeast Philadelphia property will help you lessen your and your family’s chances of getting bitten by a tick, and knowing how to keep ticks off your property starts with some simple prevention steps. These tips involve not only keeping ticks out of your yard but also keeping wild animals off your property so they don’t bring ticks onto your lawn.

  1. Keep your grass trimmed short and remove lawn debris, such as leaves and branches.
  2. Create a transitional barrier between your yard and the tree line. This can be made of crushed rock, wood chips, or other materials.
  3. Remove outdoor food sources, such as bird feeders, to dissuade wildlife from visiting your property.
  4. Reduce as much moisture around your property as possible.
  5. Find a company that provides tick control near you.

Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Service from Viking Pest Control offers the tick control you need to keep your yard tick-free and your family safe from their bites.

How Termites Can Damage Your Northeast Philadelphia Home

You might not think you need to worry about termites getting into your Northeast Philadelphia home, and that is exactly how termites are able to cause so much damage to structures all over the United States each year. Termites can easily get into a home without a homeowner’s knowledge, so any house that is unprotected can end up with substantial damage before the termites are discovered.

Termites are active in Northeast Philadelphia, which means the best way to ensure your home doesn’t sustain thousands of dollars in structural damage is to get Northeast Philadelphia termite treatments that provide 24/7 termite protection. Viking Pest Control provides liquid termite treatments, termite baiting system installation and maintenance, and termite service plans to get rid of termites in and around your home and to keep termites away in the future.



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