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Ambler town Pennsylvania is a borough named after Mary Johnson Ambler in 1888. The town got its name from a rather unfortunate event—the Great Train Wreck of 1856. On July 17, the town was the site of a head-on collision between the northbound Shackamaxon and southbound Aramingo, an accident that left 59 dead on the site and scores other gravely injured.

During the commotion that ensued after the accident, Mary Ambler walked two miles to the site of the accident, bringing her medical supplies for the injured. Her kindness did not end there; she converted her house into a treatment bay for the injured to recover and get medical attention. Thirteen years later, the railway company changed its name to Ambler, followed soon after by the post office, and in 1888 the borough took up the name.

For Ambler residents, Mary Ambler set the pace for a kind, loving and generous community that steps in to help one another in times of need. One such problem that can quickly become trouble for homeowners of Ambler borough is pest invasion. Pests may start as a harmless and negligible fact of life but quickly escalate to a full-on crisis due to high reproduction rates.

Proper pest control for Ambler, PA residents is an essential service that calls for knowledge and skill from well-trained professional exterminators like Viking Pest. With more than four decades of experience, Ambler, PA, residents can trust Viking Pest Control to help with all pest-related troubles.

Booking an Appointment With Us

Ambler borough residents can call our company line for immediate and effective delivery of exterminator services by our trained team. Depending on the extent of pest infestation, the extermination process can require the homeowner, their children, and their pets to keep away from the treated areas. For this reason, we work with clients to create a schedule that works for everyone leaving no party inconvenienced during the extermination process.

Pests Prevalent in Ambler, PA

Depending on the season, homeowners in Ambler have to deal with different kinds of pests. The town experiences harsh winters, which can drive pesky rodents and beetles into your home as they try and escape the cold. Other insects that may seek shelter in your warm Ambler homestead include:

These pests are more prevalent during the hot summer months as conditions become more conducive to moving around your yard.

By choosing your trusted pest control company, Viking Pest, you can say goodbye to these seasonal pests and enjoy a relaxing time at home with your family. At Viking Pest, we understand how irritating pests can be. We are also aware of some pests’ health risks to family members. For this reason, we deliver our expert pest control services on time and efficiently.

Preventing Infestation in Your Ambler, PA Home

Many Ambler, PA homeowners wonder how to keep their homes from needing an exterminator. There are several ways to spare your Ambler home the damage some pests inflict if their numbers get out of hand.

1. Set Up A Home Protection Plan with Viking

The first step Ambler homeowners should take towards pest prevention is to hire our professionals to conduct regular home pest protection services. This way, any pest problem can be caught early and consequently get nipped in the bud before it becomes an issue.

2. Learn About Local Pests

The next step homeowners need to take is to educate themselves about the telltale signs of an infestation. Homeowners should take up an active role in interacting with their homes. If you have not been to a part of your home in a few months and notice strange sounds or traces of pest activity, it’s time to call in the professionals.

3. Do Not Rush to DIY Solutions

Lastly, Ambler homeowners should not take matters into their own hands. Many homeowners who try to do the work themselves can cause unexpected side effects that damage their property and pose health risks. Let the experts at Viking Pest take on the risks and challenges of your pest control problems.

Let the Experts Take Care of It

When looking for a Pest Control Ambler PA, it is essential to note that a one size fits all approach does not always work because all homes and pests are different. If in doubt, give our expert Exterminators in Ambler, PA, a call so they can give you professional advice on how to best maintain your home. Pest control is just as crucial for your home as insurance: you may not need it now, but you’ll be glad to have it if you need it.

Let Viking Pest Take Care of Your Ambler Home

Viking Pest uses the most effective and sustainable products when dealing to ensure your home is pest free in the least amount of time while minimizing unintended side effects. Our Ambler, PA, Pest Control team is trained to deal with both residential and commercial areas impacted by detrimental pest control problems. Our team can get your home or business pest free and conduct regular inspections to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. Viking Pest is equipped to keep your home from getting an infestation in the future with the help of experienced professionals and high-quality treatments that are chosen with family and pet safety in mind.

Call us today at 1-800-618-2847 and get yourself a free estimate.

Give a call to the award-winning team at Viking Pest to keep your Ambler, PA, home, or business safe and worry-free for each new season.


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