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Lackawanna County,

Lackawanna County

There are many reasons people choose to live in Lackawanna County. It is home to the large city of Scranton, so there is a lot to see and do in the area. Pest management in this area can be complicated since it has a thriving tourism economy and several historic properties.

If you live in Lackawanna County and need pest control services and treatments, the local experts at Viking Pest Control are ready to help you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our local Lackawanna County pest control services.

Pest Control Services in Lackawanna County

Viking’s pest management experts have decades of experience working in the Lackawanna County and Pennsylvania areas, and they can identify and prevent any pest problem quickly.

Residential Pest Control Services

Termites and carpenter ants, both wood-destroying pests, are common in Lackawanna County. Rodents, mice, and rats can also be a significant problem, especially when the temperature falls, as they will go inside to seek warmth. If not taken care of quickly, pests like these can cause significant damage and even health problems in your home; explain the exterminators at Viking Pest Control.

Preventative pest control services are a great way to avert pest problems. Viking Pest Control is a local Lackawanna County, PA, exterminator service. We offer effective home sanitation services and excellent home protection plans to ensure that your property is kept safe from unwanted visitors.

Commercial Pest Control Services

The same pests are found in local businesses and residential properties, as they all provide unwanted visitors with shelter, warmth, and food.

If you are running a business in Lackawanna County, you must be extra vigilant if you want to keep your property pest-free and avoid losing business. Our expert team has a wealth of experience and understands exactly how to deal with any infestation. We also offer both bed bug exterminator services and termite exterminator services.

Thoughtful precautionary planning is an excellent investment. It shows your customers and employees that you seriously take their safety and health. Viking’s local pest control service can create a tailored plan for your business that will guarantee the best results.

Commonly Found Pests in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

It is essential to select local pest control professionals who know the area of Lackawanna County, such as Viking Pest. We can help you prevent many different pest infestations in Lackawanna County, including the following.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants reproduce rapidly and are resourceful. A severe infestation leaves large mounds of wood shavings around your windowsills and door frames. This is because these ants will crawl through the wood to find suitable nesting sites.

Faint rustling sounds in the walls of your home or business can indicate their presence. If you notice this, you may have a growing infestation that requires professional help fast.

Spotted Lanternflies

In Pennsylvania, spotted lanternflies are active from May until late fall or early winter. They exude a sticky material while feeding on plants that attract other insects and even mold growth. Spotted lanternflies are invasive insects that ruin orchards, vineyards, and trees.

If you have seen spotted lanternflies infesting your Pennsylvania company or home, Viking Pest can help. We will thoroughly evaluate the property and build a spotted lanternfly control program specifically for it.

Bed Bugs

Lackawanna County is also home to bed bugs often brought in from elsewhere. They attach onto bags, clothes, and bedding and can wind up everywhere these objects go.

Additionally, bed bug bites are frequently difficult to recognize, and they are often mistaken with bites from other pests. This makes infestations challenging to notice and allows these pests to flourish undetected.

Viking Pest Control has an exceptional team of exterminators for bed bugs that can help if you have an infestation. Get in touch with us for bed bug treatment in Lackawanna County, PA.


Termites are possibly the most well-known pest in Pennsylvania. Termites adore devouring wood, whether part of a home or a storefront.

Termites swarm throughout the spring and summer, often after heavy rains. Swarming brings them closer together, aiding in reproduction. Their colonies expand and spawn new colonies that can further threaten your home or business.

A termite infestation in your Pennsylvania company or home can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Viking Pest takes termite and pest control in Pennsylvania seriously.

When termites invade your Pennsylvania home or company, Viking Pest’s termite exterminator team uses termite bait and a monitoring system. The system works fast by targeting the termites and attacking their feeding chain.

Rodents and Wildlife

It would be best if you were on the lookout for mice and rats seeking shelter in attics, eaves, and basements during the winter months. The best way to deal with this kind of rodent infestation is to prevent them from entering your property. This means that you need to find any susceptible areas, then seal and secure the entry points.

Viking pest control technicians are the professionals for wildlife and rodent problems. Our expert PA pest control crew can manage mice in the attic, raccoons in the garbage, or rats in the restaurant while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Other Common Pests Found in Lackawanna County, PA, are

Why You Need a Professional Local Exterminator

It is always good to call a local pest control expert before there is an actual problem. This helps you to avoid costly issues and potential health problems later. You should call Viking immediately if you observe damage to your property, find rodent droppings, or if you hear rustling or scratching sounds in your walls.

Viking Pest Control is an experienced professional pest control company that can effectively and efficiently eliminate any intruders from your Lackawanna County, PA home or business.

Choose Viking Pest Control Services In Lackawanna County, PA

Today, keep your property free from pests by calling Viking Pest, the local Lackawanna County pest control experts. We can eliminate any pest that comes into your home or business.

Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote at 1-800-618-2847 or online!

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