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York County,

York County

Eliminate your pest problem with professional York County pest exterminators.

Reliable and Local York County, Pennsylvania Exterminators

Despite its splendor, York County is the perfect breeding ground for pests. As a resident, you know that the warm summers encourage the growth of their populations while the cold winters will cause them to rush indoors for food and warmth. While inside your property they not only pose a threat to the structure of your building but also your health. When this happens, you need to call your local York County, PA pest exterminator.

Our pest control specialists have a thorough knowledge of the habits and movements of the local York County pest populations. This helps them find the root cause of your pest invasion and make your property pest-free.

York County’s Residential Pest Control Experts

Pests like rodents and cockroaches are sneaky and can make a nest in your home before you notice their presence. All it takes is at least a pair to start a colony and the health of you and your loved ones is compromised. While do-it-yourself treatments can seem efficient, they can’t root out them for good.

To find the real source of the infestation in your home, you should get in touch with a pest control professional as soon as you notice an invasion. From rodents to termites and bed bugs, our local York County exterminators at Viking Pest Control offer an all-inclusive Home Protection Plan to protect your home.

You don’t want to waste time and money trying to take care of a pest infestation. Our pest control experts handle the pest problem fast and without compromising the health of your family, so you don’t have to.

York County’s Commercial Pest Control Exterminators

Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, office, or multifamily property, any business can face the risk of pest infestation. When they invade, they not only damage the structure of your business but can also spoil your reputation. Word can spread online about your business harboring pests, causing clients to shun away from seeking your services. This can lead to a lot of losses.

Whatever your industry, you need to protect your public image by eliminating pests through Integrated Pest Management. At Viking, we offer SMART digital pest monitoring for your commercial spaces. This system allows our York County pest control experts to monitor pest activity 24/7. Using real-time data, they can predict and prevent infestations before they destroy your business.

Pennsylvania is Home to Many Insects and Rodents

York County, PA has its share of pests, but Viking Pest Control keeps them away. We know the local landscape and can help you get rid of these bothersome pests. Pests we’ve seen in Pennsylvania include the following:

When to Call a Professional Local Exterminator


Pests aren’t very polite. They’ll leave droppings everywhere they go for you to discover. If you can see visible feces in your home or business premises, it’s a sure sign that pests have made your property their home.

While it’s off-putting to find these droppings, they can help you seek the services of a pest control company near you in time. Also depending on their size and shape, you can know the type of pest you’re dealing with. For example, you’ll notice rodent droppings by their elongated and conical shape, while insect droppings appear as tiny black dots.

Wood Damage

Occasionally, check any wooden structure on your property. If you notice any damage, you may have a rodent or termite problem. Get in touch with our local York County, PA pest control company to identify the type of pest infestation and prevent it.


When a pest finds a comfortable spot in your property, they’ll make a nest and continue breeding. As you notice a rodent or bird’s nest, contact a pest terminator to help you get rid of them.

Mud Tubes in Your Property

Termites travel around your home or business property via mud tubes. To look for mud tubes, examine the foundation of your property, including support beams, block walls, and more. Before the termites do significant damage to your property’s structure, you should be vigilant and call in our local termite exterminators.

They can inspect your home for signs of termites and make your property termite-free before any significant damage is done.

Damaged Clothing and Fabric

Have you noticed damage to your clothes or other fabrics? Pests like rodents can gnaw at your clothing, leaving scratch marks and even holes. Always check the clothing in your closet for signs of pest presence. Once you do, call in our York County pest professional.

Annoying Sounds

In case you hear squeaking, scurrying, or squealing sounds on your property, you may have a pest problem. While these noises mostly occur inside your home, you may also hear them outdoors. Outdoor pests can also cause quite a raucous on your property so find a professional to stop the annoying noises.

Strange Smells

If you’ve been picking up on an odd odor, it may be the scent of pest droppings or urine. They tend to be pungent and musty. It may also be the smell of dead, decaying pests. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the odor is coming from, but our professional pest control team can help.

Itchy Skin

As nocturnal insects, bed bugs prefer feeding on your blood while you sleep. They may bite your arms, hands, and legs, making you feel itchy. What’s more, you may find bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases to confirm their presence.
To ensure you have a peaceful night’s rest, you need to get in touch with our bed bug exterminator to get rid of them most effectively.

Holes in Your Garden Plants

Pests can also infest your yard. Depending on the type of plants in your garden, you may attract pesky insects or animals that feed on them. If your notice signs of damage on your plants, pests may be nibbling when you’re not looking.

Let Viking Pest Help with Pest Control in York County, PA

Want to get rid of your pest problem for good? Look no further than Viking pest. Our local York County, PA exterminators provide expert treatment designed to control and prevent pests from invading your property all year round. To get a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call today at 800-618-2847. You can also schedule your service online right now. We look forward to serving you!

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