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Effective Bed Bug Detection and Pest Control in Montgomery

Even if you take precautions against an infestation, it's still all too easy for unwanted termites, carpenter bees, ant colonies or rodents to take up residence as unwelcome visitors in your home or business space. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also become a substantial health hazard to visitors, family or employees, or even cause significant structural damage to your property. If you have a pest problem, our treatment and removal solutions could be exactly what you need.

Commercial and Residential Exterminator

We can deal with and treat for mice, mosquito swarms, and many other unwanted pests, quickly and effectively. Our team works with a qualified etymologist, ensuring accurate pest diagnosis. This helps provide us the knowledge of specifically which treatment is going to be most suitable, maximizing the chances of successful removal. We have the right equipment and chemicals to deal with almost any pest, restoring your premises back to pest-free normality!

Montgomery Rodent Removal

From Mt. Meigs across to Montgomery regional airport, we are on-hand to get rid of your pests and infestations on your property. We understand how bad insect swarms can get during the warmer summers and are happy to come out whenever you need us to keep them and any other pests firmly under control. To find out more about what we can offer, or to arrange an appointment for us to come out and visit you, call us at (610) 981-2090.


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