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Gloucester County,
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Gloucester County


Gloucester County Exterminators

From wine lovers to history buffs, there’s something for everyone in Gloucester County, New Jersey. This growing county is home to Revolutionary War sites, wineries, and plenty of parks and golf courses. But when humans head indoors to escape steamy summer weather and rainy days, so do pests.

Pest Control Gloucester County

Don’t let bed bugs, spiders, mice, or more take over your home or business. Whether you’re fighting odorous ants in the dining area, or are trying to get rid of bed bugs brought into your home or business, help is available. Preventive measures help keep many pests out, but sometimes even your best efforts just don’t do the trick. Whether you’re the unwitting host of a costly termite army or dangerous rat’s nest, these pests have to go. From cockroaches to mice, professional pest control services from your local experts at Viking Pest Control are necessary to get rid of infestations.

Commercial Pest Control Gloucester

Your business is equally, if not more, susceptible to all kinds of infestations. The sheer volume of people coming through your doors each day means more opportunities to attract insects, spiders, mice, and rats. In addition to the damage to your property, pests can also drive away customers. A single pest sighting can spell disaster for your company if it’s shared on social media or review sites. Roaches, rodents, Indian meal moths, and other pests also frequently destroy stored food, inventory, supplies, and equipment. Inspections and preventative commercial pest control from Viking Pest Control are a worthwhile investment for almost any business.

Termite Inspections Gloucester County

As some of the most destructive insects out there, termites cause major headaches for homeowners. Aside from the occasional swarm or a few discarded wings, these insects leave few clues that they’re busy destroying wood and other materials in your home. That’s why we recommend a strong offense; we provide the termite inspections Gloucester County residents need to alert them that these bugs have invaded their homes. The earlier we find an infestation, the sooner we can tackle it and banish these pests from your property.

Gloucester County Mosquito and Tick Control

Mosquito and tick bites spread a variety of pathogens, endangering the health of people and animals in the process. Regular mowing and lawn care help prevent ticks in your yard or outdoor area. Planting basil and keeping your area free of standing water makes your property less attractive to mosquitoes. However, a mosquito or tick invasion requires professional pest control treatments, so contact the local experts at Viking Pest Control at the first sign of an infestation. Viking’s Yard Guard Mosquito and Tick Treatment is the best preventative solution for your home or business.

Preventive Pest Control in Gloucester County New Jersey

Although different pests have their own habits and preferences, certain precautions help prevent a wide variety of infestations. Try these tips for a pest-free home and business:

  • Fix plumbing leaks right away
  • Trim vegetation and remove leaves or debris
  • Store trash away from the building in a tightly lidded can
  • Seal gaps, holes, and cracks around your property’s exterior
  • Replace worn weather strips and damaged door or window frames
  • Immediately wipe up spills and crumbs

These tips will help make your property less desirable to insects, arachnids, rodents, and more. Get everyone in the family, or office, on board for maximum effectiveness.

Viking Pest Control provides the below pest services and many more:

Whether you’ve spotted roaches at your business or moths in your home, Viking Pest Control can help. From preventive measures and inspections to efficient, effective treatment plans, our experienced technicians provide our customers with the services they need to keep their homes and businesses protected. Contact us today at 800-618-2847, or fill out our online form for a fast, FREE quote. Learn about how Viking Pest Control keeps residents of Gloucester County pest-free.

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