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Ocean County,
New Jersey

Ocean County

Ocean County Exterminators

It isn’t surprising that there’s plenty of fun to be had in Ocean County. Situated on the Jersey Shore in south-central New Jersey, the county boasts lots of beaches and the world’s tallest roller coaster. In addition to steady growth for the last few decades, the area hosts tourists from nearby New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Along with throngs of weekenders, humid and rainy Ocean County also attracts enough unwanted visitors to keep pest control companies, like Viking Pest Control, busy.

Residential Pest Control

If it feels like you end up with ants in the kitchen or spiders in the basement no matter what you do, you’re not alone. Although certain habits can help prevent pests, many of us deal with an infestation at least once in our lives. Although they’re definitely annoying, bugs and rodents can be dangerous, too. Mice and rats transmit disease through their urine and droppings, and most rodents chew through anything they can get their teeth on — including electrical wiring. Certain spiders are poisonous, and stinging insects can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. When combined with preventive measures, professional pest control services help keep your home safe from a variety of invaders. Protect your home year-round with a Home Protection Plan from your local pest management experts at Viking Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control

You can’t get away from the threat of pests at your business, either. Commercial pest control services keep your place of business safe from bees, bed bugs, moths, and other types of uninvited guests. Cockroaches are a common problem — and a serious one. These insects can cause food poisoning, asthma attacks, and respiratory issues. Carpenter ants are bad news for the wood in your building, and odorous ants are a major nuisance at home or work. Immaculate housekeeping, regular inspections, and commercial pest control services can make infestations a thing of the past at your company.

Termite Control in Ocean County NJ

Termites cost homeowners billions of dollars each year in the U.S. These invasive insects usually go undetected until they’ve done thousands of dollars in damage. However, knowing these signs of a termite infestation can help keep your home’s structure intact:

  • warped flooring
  • new patterns in floors, walls, or furniture
  • piles of salt-and-pepper-like droppings
  • unexplained rustling noises
  • discarded, scaly wings
  • swarms of termites on your property
  • pencil-width mud tubes on your foundation

Call for termite control from your local extermination experts at Viking Pest Control immediately if you find these or other signs of an infestation.

Mosquito and Tick Control in Ocean County New Jersey

Bloodsucking insects spread diseases and pathogens to people and animals. Needless to say, banishing these bloodsuckers from your property should be a top priority.

Help keep your family protected from mosquitoes with these precautions:
get rid of standing water sources
keep vegetation away from the house
plant basil and other mosquito-repelling herbs
place fans near outdoor seating areas to keep mosquitoes away during outdoor events

Ticks are less likely to sicken family members if you take these precautionary steps:
create a mulch barrier between your lawn and nearby woods
eliminate hiding places in the form of clutter
toss vacuum bags after sucking upticks and their eggs
spray clothes with non-toxic bug spray before outings
wear hats, long sleeves, and pants outdoors
inspect people and pets after outdoor activities

Call for a professional pest control company, like Viking Pest Control, if you see signs of mosquitoes or ticks at your home. Eliminating them on your own can be difficult and even unsafe if you use the wrong products. Proactively protect your outdoor space with Viking’s Yard Guard Mosquito and Tick Treatments.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

While even the most fastidious housekeepers can host infestations, these tips can help make your home less attractive to most pests:

  • avoid storing cardboard in or near your home or business
  • clean up all spills and crumbs right away
  • don’t wait to fix plumbing leaks
  • keep both food and trash in containers with tight lids
  • seal gaps and cracks on outside walls
  • replace worn weather strips and damaged screens

These tips will give you an edge over pests, but infestations are still possible. Contact Viking Pest Control as soon as you see signs of an invasion. We provide the following types of residential and commercial pest control services among many others:

Ant Control
Bed Bug Extermination
Mice and Rats
Flea Control
Cockroach Control
Moth Control
Stinging Insect Control

Let Viking Pest Help With Pest Control In Ocean County, NJ

With over 40 years of pest control experience, Viking Pest is ready to keep your home guarded against pests year-round.  Contact Viking Pest Control today for efficient, effective pest control to keep your property protected. Call our friendly, professional staff, at 800-618-2847 or fill out our online form for your fast, free quote.

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