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Mercer County

Mercer County Exterminators

Mercer County is a historical city that has a unique look and feel. Houses are frequently built in a variety of styles and both renovated and classic apartments can be found. Regardless of the type of building, unwanted pests can pose a problem in commercial and residential buildings.

Residential Pest Control

Infestations of rodents, insects, and other unwanted pests can happen in any neighborhood. Residential infestations can be particularly alarming since tenants must live with these creatures. One of the big differences between commercial and residential infestations has to do with proximity. Sleeping while unwanted pests are in the home can create additional exposure.

Depending on the type of infestation, there are a few different pest control options available for residential services from Viking Pest Control. Frequent unwanted pests found in homes include ants, bed bugs, termites, and more. By using a professional pest control service, like Viking Pest Control, a home’s value can be protected as well as an individual’s health. Viking offers Home Protection Plans to keep your home protected from pests year-round.

Commercial Pest Control

A variety of commercial businesses are vulnerable to unwanted pests. While any business can experience an infestation, certain places such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, and many more have sanitary requirements. Infestations can cause disease and extreme health problems if they are not properly taken care of as soon as possible.

Commercial buildings are often located in areas where rodent infestation is common. Commercial businesses may produce garbage rodents can survive on. This often makes their living proximity much closer to offices and restaurants rather than houses and apartments. When it comes to rodent control Viking’s digital solution, SMART, is second to none with 24/7 monitoring for advanced proactive and preventative control.

If a rodent infestation occurs within a business, it can be extremely difficult to handle without the training and equipment necessary. Food contamination from rodents such as rats or mice can cause serious illness. If rodents are found in the building, food and safety regulators can cause a business to shut down. A professional pest control company, like Viking Pest Control, can keep employees and customers safe with proper control and extermination methods.

Termite Control in Mercer County New Jersey

Termites can greatly damage any building. Because these pests thrive off wood, the structure of a building can be ruined from infestation. Termites are not usually noticeable and can be difficult to detect. Usually, termites live under a house or inside the walls, but eventually, evidence can be seen.
If the structural integrity of a house is jeopardized, the building becomes unstable and dangerous to live in. Foundation issues are likely to occur because of a termite infestation and can include cracked walls and warped door frames. Structural damage to a home can be extremely expensive if it is not consistently maintained.
Termites are especially difficult to eradicate. Unlike other unwanted pests, individual traps and many DIY treatments are not efficient. Termite infestations do not disappear with specific weather patterns and if they are not dealt with, can be detrimental to a house.

Mosquito and Tick Control

Mosquitoes and ticks pose specific health risks that can cause serious illness. Mosquitoes alone can cause the Zika virus, Encephalitis, West Nile virus, and others. Not only can they cause extremely itchy bites, but mosquitoes can transmit major health issues without causing so much as a sting.
Ticks are also difficult to feel. Since their bites do not typically hurt, ticks can latch on to an individual without them even knowing. While these pests do not usually gather in groups that would be considered a mass infestation, just one tick can cause Lyme disease. Prevention is highly recommended if outdoors, but applying anti-pest body spray is not a long-term solution. Protect your home or business with Viking Pest Control’s Yard Guard Mosquito and Tick Treatments.

How Can I Prevent Pests in Mercer County

Businesses and homeowners can benefit from taking preventative measures. Storing food in properly sealed containers is recommended for both commercial and residential buildings. By taking proper food precautions, unwanted pests are not as likely to invade a building. Keeping food away from the walls and floor is also recommended.
Regular cleaning is also advised. Bathrooms and kitchens can be particularly inviting to unwanted pests because of their water supply. Checking pipes for potential leaks can prevent mosquitoes and other insects from multiplying.

Insulation is important especially for older buildings. Sealing windows and doors can help eliminate areas where unwanted pests can enter the premises. Adding rugs or carpeting to block potential cracks can be helpful.

Even with preventative measures, infestations can still occur. If unwanted pests are not eradicated as soon as possible, the infestation will get worse. For buildings that already have a pest infestation, professional pest control is recommended.

Pest control services can vary depending on the building and pest. Pest prevention programs for commercial buildings may need to be designed differently with different obstacles to consider. Restaurants and homes can be located in different areas and may have different types of pests. Depending on the individual situation, Viking Pest Control is able to advise the appropriate pest prevention plan for your property.

Our pest control services include the below and many more:

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Viking Pest Control can eradicate multiple types of unwanted pests. Whether they are located in a commercial space or a residential home, professional service is necessary. With over 40 years of experience, Viking Pest Control is your local Mercer County pest prevention expert. Give our team a call at 800-618-2847 or submit a form for a fast, FREE quote.

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